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Empowering Women and the girl Child

Educate & Empower
Still in the business of dusting off clogs in the wheels of girl child education, The Coalition of African Women for Peace and Development (COWAP) hopes to launch The Back to School Initiative this September, 2021. This is a campaign to send 10,000 primary school girls back to school in September. This campaign saw light during one of COWAP's annual summits (African Women Summit 2021) that brings together a thriving community of Women in Politics, Wives of Presidents and Vice Presidents in Africa, wives of governors, visionaries and global experts from different fields of human endeavor in order to share their stories, brainstorm on ideas and launch initiatives targeted at creating sustainable peace and development in Africa. At this year’s summit which held on the 5th and 6th of August at the prestigious Hilton Alhabtoor Hotel, Dubai, the BACK TO SCHOOL INITIATIVE was given birth to. Moreso, the Back to School Initiative is aimed at identification of vulnerable intelligent girls and enrolling them in primary schools for sponsorship/assistance for one year. The sponsorship of each girl child during the one-year period covers: • School Fees​​​​​ • PTA dues • Uniforms • Books The beneficiary (girl child) will be selected based on the following criteria. She must • Be very intelligent • Be in primary/class four (4) and five (5) in school • Be enrolled in a school and have a parent(s) or guardian struggling to pay her fees • Be an orphan • Belong to a woman headed household (widows, single parent, divorcees) • Belong to a family of five (5) children or more • Have a parent(s) or guardian who is living with disability or is chronically ill. From the foregoing, one can rightly say that the Engage, Empower and Educate Initiative and its child: COWAP are set to make a difference in the age long campaign for the girl child education. They therefore deserve appraisal for championing such a laudable and star-studded course for the good of the girl-child in particular and for women in general.

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